Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The saga of the kitchen sink...

Just look at this!
It's my kitchen sink!
You can't even see the sink, I don't think.
The dishes are piled up, creating a stink
but nobody bothers to give them a wink.
They've stayed here for days
and they'll stay many more
Until the 'mean mother' starts to roar.
Mom, why don't you just do them? they say with a shrug.
"Because my turn is over and I'm getting bugged!"
So here they will sit, til they mold and turn pink
And someone may step up to help, I think.
It will be one of my children, I hope;
"Just load the dishwasher and put in some soap!"


  1. I say, quit cooking for the little shits and switch to paper plates!

  2. Very cleverly written, and so true!