Friday, August 6, 2010

Finishing summer projects

Here's what's been happening inside the house this summer.

We have a green wall in the living room and my husband made the corner entertainment center to hold the TV et al. Everything's up off of the floor.

The color scheme in the kitchen is now red instead of blue. See the red light switch cover? I have since died all of the placemats red(ish). The table can be small now since it's usually only 3 for din-din:)

And MY favorite! the upstairs bathroom is even MORE purple! Michal cleaned and painted the closet doors and I found some cute knobs at Hobby Lobby. The light switch covers in this room are purple. Yay!

And lastly, I bought these cute shelves at Tai Pan to display my shot glass collection. I used to have them all strung out across the fireplace mantle down downstairs but now they have a better home. No, I don't drink but I do collect shot glasses. Everyone has to collect something, right?

Since school starts in only a couple of weeks, I'm glad to have these projects finished. Thanks so much to my darling husband and cute daughter. They are the ones who have to do all of the painting because I am inept at it and ALWAYS get it all over myself. Well, we each have our talents.