Friday, April 30, 2010

45 years!!!!

Aww! Just look at this little doll! Who'd have thought she'd grow up to have so many interesting adventures.
This is me when I was 6 months old. My mom says I was so cute as a baby and the minute she saw me she knew my name was Stacy. (I've always been the favorite, by the way).

This is my youngest niece Harper. She is the lucky one because she looks like me:)

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Es lo mismo = It's the same

I've taught Spanish in Middle School for 20 years. On the radio this morning they said that in a recent study, they found that many 14 and 15 year olds act exactly like 2 year olds. Well, I've known that for a long time! The only difference is their size and the severity of their inappropriate actions.

These are random pictures I found online, any resemblance is purely coincidental. I just wanted to point out a few things.

These are 2 year olds.
How many kids have their eyes on the teacher? Which kid looks like she's going to fall asleep? Which kid looks very afraid? Which kid doesn't understand a word the teacher is saying? Which kid is wishing she could go play with the toys instead?

These are Middle School students.
Which kid is making the most movement and noise so he can have all the attention? Which kid looks like he's about to undo his pants and drop them? Which kid is flashing a gang sign? How many kids have no idea someone is taking a picture? Which kid got bullied today? Which kid is the bullier? Which kids forgot to do their homework? Which kid is wishing they could go play with the toys instead?

¿Sí? Es lo mismo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Old as dirt

This sassy grandma chick came up to us in the parking lot of the general store in Moab on Saturday morning. She walked up to Roger and said "What the hell are you doing here?" We all thought she was his long lost aunt or something. He just said he was going jeeping. She said, "Anyone who drives a jeep is a dumb ass." We were all wondering who she was. She told us that her husband bought a jeep and she told him if he didn't keep that G.D. thing on the road, she wasn't going to ride with him anymore. I asked her if she'd been drinking. She said "No, not this morning yet." And then she told us how she doesn't allow her grandchildren to come into her house if they've been drinking. "In fact, she said, if any man comes to my house drunk, I just shoot him. I've got 5 bodies in my basement right now!" We all believed her. Then she asked about Johnny and what he was doing there. Johnny said we were jeeping and here for the car show. She took him by the hand and said "Come with me I'll teach you a few things." Michal ran interference and explained that Johnny was leaving soon on a mission so he couldn't learn anything from her right now. Her last piece of advice was for Jason. She said "You look like a guy who knows how to please a lady." Jason said, "I've just learned that you say Yes, dear and don't argue." She said "Well, you've got it figured out. I should take you home with me." We asked her for her name and she said "Oh, hell, I don't know" and walked off into the store. This lady was full of it. She totally reminded us all of my sassy Grandma Kate!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moab 2010

We had a great time in Moab this year. It has become a tradition for us to go with our neighbors, rent some jeeps and have great adventures on the trails.

At night we hang out on Main Street in Moab aka: 'the strip' to watch all of the classic and souped-up cars cruise up and down. We love to hear their engine sounds so my cute friend Dianna always makes a 'Rev it up!' sign and we get a lot of people to participate.

This guy had a fireball that would come out of the tail pipe when he would rev the engine. It was awesome!

Many of the drivers this year were rookies and didn't know how to rev it up without squealing their tires. Needless to say, the Moab cops gave a lot of tickets this year.

This is Johnny's '93 Dodge Ram. It's a pretty nice truck. He bought it from a cute grandpa man who mostly left it parked in the carport so it's in really good shape. It fits right in cruisin' down Main street:)

This was Johnny's last trip for 2 years because he's headed for his mission next month so one of our other awesome neighbors came down to make sure Johnny had some awesome experiences here. He took him into the 'toilet bowl' and 'Mickey's hot tub' and also repelling off of Morning Glory arch.
Great time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

¡Que le vaya bien, León!

One of my former students passed away yesterday. He was at a party with friends and mixed alcohol, marijuana and oxycotin. He was on life support for 3 days. Poor kid. He was a good boy, just made some poor choices. His mom said that it was the one pill that killed him. Please, please, please remember that you are too important to take the risk of hurting yourself with drugs or alcohol. It hurts my heart when things like this happen. Here's a link to the family's blog if you want to help out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The saga of the kitchen sink...

Just look at this!
It's my kitchen sink!
You can't even see the sink, I don't think.
The dishes are piled up, creating a stink
but nobody bothers to give them a wink.
They've stayed here for days
and they'll stay many more
Until the 'mean mother' starts to roar.
Mom, why don't you just do them? they say with a shrug.
"Because my turn is over and I'm getting bugged!"
So here they will sit, til they mold and turn pink
And someone may step up to help, I think.
It will be one of my children, I hope;
"Just load the dishwasher and put in some soap!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's time to grow up and blog!

So this is me. Mama T. I got that nickname when I was a chaperone for my son's drama class during his senior year in high school. I like this picture of me because I've spilled something on my clean shirt... again.... It's one of my trademarks. Since I have fallen so far behind on my handwritten journal, I decided to start a blog and see if I can keep up with it. My son Johnny will be leaving soon on his mission so this will be a good place to keep information about him up-to-date as well as on my facebook. I have enjoyed reading others' blogs and hope that I can share some entertainment and/or ideas as well.