Sunday, January 16, 2011

Uncle Jay

This is our darling niece, Harper and my cute husband, Jason. Harper loooovveees her Uncle Jay. She has called him on the phone 2 or 3 times this past week. Just to 'chat'. She'll say, Hi, Uncle Jay! What you doin'? It's Harper. I call you on the phone. I love you Uncle Jay! She's sooo cute! Tonight we went to visit at Piper's house and Harper was showing Uncle Jay her laptop she got for Christmas. Later she was singing the alphabet and it went something like this: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, Uncle Jay! Uncle Jay! Uncle Jay! HA! Love this little girl!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Johnny's in a 'Hick' town

Check out some new pictures from our boy in Indiana. He's standing in front of a house that he calls "the house with the scary sign in the window". He says that he and his companion did NOT
knock on this door.

Here's a closeup of the sign.

Here's another 'scary sign' on the door of a house.
He said they knocked on this door. I guess it all worked out because I got his email today:)

I love hearing from my boy. He's such a funny kid!

He loves his mission. He loves serving the Lord. I know he's having spiritual experiences because he tells us about them. The pictures just don't show much of the spiritual side.

This is a picture of the Elwood, Indiana district missionaries. Yes, that's my boy in the PLAID suit that someone gave to him. I wonder what Jesus is thinking. See his picture there in the background? Oh, it's a good thing the Church is true!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, I'm the Alpha Female!

These are my awesome colleagues at work. Today we celebrated the day of the 3 kings in our foreign language classes.

Tradition says that the 3 kings visited the
baby Jesus 12 days after he was born. In European and Hispanic cultures, children set their shoes out on January 5th and the kings visit and leave gifts for the children. We do this activity in our classes with our students every year. This year it was Sr. Flanders' idea to have our 3 male teachers dress up as the kings. I couldn't be left out of dressing up, of course, so I got to dress up as the Queen!

Here are my students' shoes, ready for the 3 kings.

I love working with these dudes!
Sr. Lagerberg
Sra. Thackeray
Sr. Flanders
Mr. Jensen