Sunday, October 31, 2010

¡Feliz Día de Brujas!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and being silly. I love having a costume closet where there's always an available costume from sizes 2T to grown up. Here are some pix and video from this year!

Here we are at Hunter's birthday party. I'm a whoopie cushion. Jason's the king. Michal is Ace Ventura. She's holding Hunter, my great-nephew. I had the fart machine in my pocket and Michal had the remote control to it so there were random fart sounds through the whole party. What a hoot!

Here's my great niece, Austyn singing her Halloween cat song. She's dressed up as Tinkerbell. She's darling!

We decorated Johnny's truck to look like a graveyard for our trunk or treat activity at the church and we had it in the garage when the trick or treaters came. It played music and had fog and a strobe light. OOOOOO, Scary!

Jason wore the Sumo wrestler outfit at the trunk or treat. Everyone wanted to grab his man boobs!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

School's in session. Not much time to blog.

I wanted to share this picture because I finally got to meet Erica! She is one of my 'cyber' friends. I met her through my sister Piper. We have talked back and forth through blogs and facebook. We were both at Piper's getting our hair done and we finally got to meet! We've decided we're family. She's my sista from anotha motha.