Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yes, I'm the Alpha Female!

These are my awesome colleagues at work. Today we celebrated the day of the 3 kings in our foreign language classes.

Tradition says that the 3 kings visited the
baby Jesus 12 days after he was born. In European and Hispanic cultures, children set their shoes out on January 5th and the kings visit and leave gifts for the children. We do this activity in our classes with our students every year. This year it was Sr. Flanders' idea to have our 3 male teachers dress up as the kings. I couldn't be left out of dressing up, of course, so I got to dress up as the Queen!

Here are my students' shoes, ready for the 3 kings.

I love working with these dudes!
Sr. Lagerberg
Sra. Thackeray
Sr. Flanders
Mr. Jensen

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  1. How fun for you AND your students!! Love Flanders! Love YOU!!!