Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Big Ugly

In this week's email from my Missionary son, we learned about 'The Big Ugly'.
Here's what John said:

Let me tell you about "THE BIG UGLY ELK BURGER" the place is called "Bub's Cafe" and they have the "BIG UGLY"

A one pound Elk Burger that is bigger than my face.

Many have tried and failed. Those who succeed in eating the "BIG UGLY" get their picture on the wall of awesomeness:)

Many missionaries have eaten one. If you eat one you get a small picture. If you eat two you get a bigger picture and if you eat three you get a poster on the wall. My goal before I leave is to eat two:)

When I ate it and was done I wasn't too full or not full enough it was just right:) I can eat two:) and I'm going to:)

hahaha the "BIG UGLY":) one of the sisters even did it:) hahahah the best:)

Look how fat I am:) just enjoying the yummy not so fatty elk:)

MMMMMM yes you do want one:) we will come back to get one when I get home:)


  1. He is a crack...Never pit a man against food, man will win every time. Especially young men.

  2. HOLY cow! I'm glad he's still our JOhnny boy!