Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr. Wilson

Our cute neighbor Vern was given the nickname 'Mr. Wilson' when we moved in 15+ years ago. He was the nicest old dude in the neighborhood and his wife is the nicest old gal on the block. Mr. Wilson nicknamed all the boys in the neighborhood 'Dennis' and all the girls 'Denise'. I think Johnny was the first Dennis because he was the most mischievous. He and his wife both fought cancer. This is a picture of them last summer when we all went on a camping trip as neighbors.

Mr. Wilson passed away in January. We have a lot of good memories with him. Whenever you'd drive by his house, he'd be sitting on the front porch and wave at you as you went by. We miss him. His sweet wife a
nd kids had this beautiful monument made and put in the front yard. It's beautiful!


  1. How sweet! I love that even the monument in their front yard says "Mr. Wilson" on it. Good neighbors are often difficult to find and even more difficult to forget. :o)

  2. Oh that is lovely! I'll have to check it out. He really was a great guy.