Monday, June 21, 2010

Do NOT try this at home!

Two summers ago, my cute nephew helped me to prepare some fresh eggs for food storage. We put vaseline all over them and packed them away in their cartons. The theory was that if you restored the protective coating on the eggs, you could store them for up to TWO YEARS and still be able to use them. Well...
This is what they looked like when I opened them yesterday.
EWWW! Many had split open and all that dark stuff is mold and ca ca!
I cleaned off one of the whitest ones just for the sake of science.

I put it in a bowl of water. If it sank it was supposed to be OK because no air got into it.
It sank.

So I cracked it open.

It looked cloudy and smelled funny.

So I chucked 'em all! Needless to say, you can't store fresh eggs for two years. HOWEVER, my cute friend Lois says that she stores her eggs like this all the time but she rotates them so they're never stored for over two months. Hmmm.
OK, so maybe two months, but NOT two years!

I think I'll just buy the can of powdered eggs for my food storage.


  1. great trial and error. thanks for the info. We eat eggs to fast any way. Did i tell you when all this drama in our life is over we are getting chickens? can't wait! i will share the bounty!

  2. Oh boy...thanks for sharing your experience ~ I heard that you can dip 'em in paraffin wax, but I've never tried it. I'm experimenting with powdered eggs and it seems to be okay for baking, but not for scrambling...

  3. yucky!! Don't do that ever again! stupid pioneer tricks!!

  4. Wow. I remember when you put those eggs away. Thanks for sharing the results! How gross. So glad to find you have a blog, though.

  5. ewww. too bad it didn't work.

  6. I remember when Piper told me about how you and Cannon had stored fresh eggs! I thought it was ingenious and got me thinking about my own food storage ideas. Too bad it didn't work out, but at least we all know now! :o)